BLOG TOUR & Giveaway - Numb (Silver Knight #1) by Lynn Rider‏

Twenty-three year old Meagan Chambers always wanted to be a musician. 
Her parents wanted her to be a doctor. 

She decided to risk everything to follow her dreams…

Starting over in the city of her dreams, her hard work and dedication had paid off, landing Meagan a coveted seat on one of the country’s top orchestras. 
She was doing what she loved. 
And everything was perfect.

Until she met Ashton Harris. 

Lead guitarist and backup vocalist to the chart-topping Silver Knight, Ashton was unlike anyone she’d ever met. With one glance of his crooked grin, she knew he could be her undoing, but determined to succeed, she refused to let anyone step in her way … 
Not even him.
Because falling for someone like Ashton Harris could ruin everything.

I started down the dimly lit hallway when a large beefy arm shot out across my chest, blocking my way. I was momentarily stunned by the firmness and unforgiving movement when I ran into it full stride.
“You can’t go in there,” a deep rumble of a voice said sternly.
I followed the tree limb sized arm where it attached to the largest African American man I had ever seen. He stared down at me, looking like he was prepared to fight. I looked at him quizzically.
“You can’t go in there.” He gave me a pointed look that told me there was no room for argument. “It’s occupied,” he added.
I stepped back and nodded, ready to turn on my heel when the bathroom door swung open, lighting the dim hallway. My eyes landed on the black combat style boots and then traveled up the length of the long powerful legs that were fitted so perfectly in a pair of worn jeans. His long fingers held tightly around the denim near his crotch as he was still in the midst of pulling up his zipper as he strode from the men’s room. Embarrassed for gawking, my eyes quickly darted to the pair of muscular, tattooed forearms before flitting to the brunette who stumbled from the same bathroom doorway, clinging onto him. My eyes landed on his and my heart plummeted to my stomach.

I'm a wife and mother of two beautiful children. Being from sunny south Florida, I never spent much time inside reading. I decided to give it a try with a highly talked about trilogy and found myself devouring the pages like a mad woman. Although I knew I was hooked with that trilogy, the hundreds of books I read in the following year proved it. 

Through my love of reading sparked the inspiration to try my hand at writing. I wrote two full length novels as a hobby and only through my husbands encouragement did I ever consider self publishing.


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