LUX SERIES: OPPOSITION COVER - by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Yes! Obsidian series, the latest cover of the book is also defined, I think the cover looks very nice good. the last book, which is a pity, though Jennifer better series for many years and also a chance to read, and I hope it will. In spite of everything, Daemon, and Katy's adventures always remain in our minds!

TR TRANS : Evet! Obsidiyen serisinin son kitabının kapağı da belirlenmiş, bence çok hoş bir görünüme sahip bir kapak olmuş. son kitap olması üzücü olsa da Jennifer'ın daha güzel serilerini de uzun seneler  boyunca okuma şansını sunacağını umuyorum. Herşeye rağmen Daemon ve Katy 'nin maceraları hep aklımızda kalacak!



Katy knows the world changed the night the Luxen came.
She can’t believe Daemon welcomed his race or stood by as his kind threatened to obliterate every last human and hybrid on Earth. But the lines between good and bad have blurred, and love has become an emotion that could destroy her—could destroy them all.
Daemon will do anything to save those he loves, even if it means betrayal.
They must team with an unlikely enemy if there is any chance of surviving the invasion. But when it quickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe, and the world is crumbling around them, they may lose everything— even what they cherish most—to ensure the survival of their friends…and mankind.
War has come to Earth. And no matter the outcome, the future will never be the same for those left standing.

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